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Waste-to-Energy Plant

Reflection - a word that can mean many things. On the one hand, it aims to change the direction of light and sound, a mirror surface in the water that reflects the light and throws it back. On the other hand, the word refers to consideration. Our proposal Reflektion connects to this double meaning and the aim of making the water and the surrounding nature present on the site. In a subtle but interactive way we want the water tower to convey its function as a water reservoir and symbol for Hemmesta, where the water as an element is always present with the sea and waterways close by.  


The water tower is designed as a portal placed in the transition between Hemmesta and surrounding natural areas. A simple and sculptural element that takes different forms seen from different directions. Where the two legs of the water tower takes a step up the hill, into the nature.  

The form creates a compact and well-functioning water tower for operation and maintenance. The pressure station and the water reservoir are placed together in the tower to collect all functions in one place, which minimize the impact of the footprint in the surrounding nature. The height of the water tower is kept to approx. 25 m from ground level to reduce the visual impact on the landscape.








Hemmesta, Stockholm Sweden



Technical building / Water tower

Hemmesta kommun

Hanna Johansson, Juras Lasovsky


Hemmesta Water Tower
Between Hemmesta and surrounding nature
The new water tower will become a symbol for Hemmesta, which in a playful way connects with the presence of the nature reserve, the water on the site and to Hemmesta's location by the sea.


Site plan
The planning of the area and the location of the water tower result in the least possible impact on the surrounding landscape and ensures that all trees worthy of protection can be preserved.
A strong identity
The new water tower's simple and strong form stands like a sculpture among the surrounding pine forest. An identity of its own that expresses itself in different ways depending on the angle from which the tower is viewed.



Hemmesta Water Tower
Water mirror The underside of the water tower relates to its function as a water tower and the presence of water in Hemmesta. The bottom is fitted with a mirrored glass that reflects the surrounding nature. Like a water mirror reflecting its surroundings. 
Hemmesta Water Tower


A sculpture in the forest 
The clear shape of the water tower with the characteristic mirrored ceiling awakes curiosity among passers-by. A sculpture that creates an entrance from the forest into the built environment. 



An own identity
The new water tower will become a symbol of Hemmesta with a strong identity.
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